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10 Best PUBG 3 Finger Pro Player & Youtubers Layout Codes

PUBG 3 Finger Layout Code – Until now, the PUBG Mobile game is still one of the most popular games in the world and has reached hundreds of millions of users on the Playstore. There are several ways to become good at playing PUBG Mobile. Having a sophisticated device does not mean you are good at it, but there are several other factors that also determine.

In addition to skills, comfort when playing PUBG is also an important thing that needs to be considered. For a matter of comfort when playing PUBG, it’s not far from the word settings SENSITIVITY CODE and Layout controls. When playing PUBG, every player has their own style of play.

For now, PUBG has provided a feature so that players can share control and sensitivity layouts with each other or imitate the PUBG 3 finger PUBG pro player button layout and require players to first update the latest version of PUBG Mobile.

For players who don’t have the right Favorite Layout, then you can try some PUBG pro player or Youtuber Layouts that Ulingame has compiled for a complete list of 3-finger Layout codes below.

PUBG 3 Finger Layout Code

Tips for Shooting PUBG 3 Finger Control

On the pro player section, the 4 finger layout has indeed become one of the most popular settings in PUBG. Because the 4 finger Layout is very flexible. However, if you want to find a simple layout, you can use a 3-finger layout that players can rely on when playing. The layout on the left side of the screen functions for running and shooting, while on the right it is useful for directing the point of view as well as a number of other menus such as aiming, jumping, reloading, squatting and prone.

There are several advantages that players can get when using 3 fingers, especially when compared to the 2 finger layout. By using the 3-finger Layout, players can move faster and not stiffly, of course, it will be more flexible than the 2-finger setting. Players can also do some shooting tricks such as jumpshots and Zigzags as well SHOOT WHILE MOVING. It belongs to the category HOW TO WIN CLOSE.

So here, Ulingame has prepared a list of PUBG 3 finger pro player and Youtuber layout codes below.

Player NameLayout Code
ZAN (Youtube)6893-3433-7384-6381-992
JAyy YT6893-3702-5013-6920-137
RZ Gaming6916-3273-4843-2802-485
Evos KF6937-0999-3634-5893-083
FaZe Vintorez6960-4872-3048-0059-824

How to Use 3-Finger Layout Code

PUBG 3 Finger Layout Code

After you choose one of the 3 finger Layout codes above that Ulingame recommends, the next step Ulingame will share is how to enter the 3 finger Layout code and before entering the 3 Finger Layout code make sure you have updated the latest version of PUBG Mobile.

  1. The first step, please enter the PUBG Mobile game on your smartphone.
    Run PUBG Mobile
  2. Then press the arrow at the bottom right of the screen.
    Press Arrow
  3. Select Settings or Settings.
    Select the PUBG 3 Finger Layout Code Settings Menu
  4. On the settings menu, please click Control then Customize.
    Enter Settings Control and Adjust
  5. Next press the settings logo or Layout 1.
  6. After that select one of the layouts that the player wants to change, then click Search Method.
    Choose Search Method
  7. Enter the Layout code that you have chosen above. Then Save.
    3 Finger PUBG Layout Code Input

The final word

That’s a discussion from Ulingame regarding some recommendations for the best PUBG 3 finger Pro Player and Youtubers layout codes. With the information above, hopefully it can help you find the best Layout code for you to use when playing PUBG Mobile.

Because when playing PUBG Mobile, not only devices and skills are needed, but the best Layout Settings. Because the Layout setting has many benefits when doing battles in PUBG.