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1 Lack of Ling in Mobile Legends That You Must Know, Don't Pick!

1 Lack of Ling in Mobile Legends That You Must Know, Don’t Just Pick!

After getting the latest adjustments in Mobile Legends, Ling is now one of the most deadly Assassins in the Land of Dawn.

Because he now has critical damage which is very terrible even in a short time can finish off his opponent quickly.

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However, unfortunately the hero has 1 drawback that makes it impossible to use carelessly in Mobile Legends.

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Demanding Hand Speed

Lucky spin skin ling mobile legends

The drawback is that Ling cannot be played by anyone because it requires you to play your hand very quickly.

This is because the hero is classified as a hero that is quite difficult to use and requires a good understanding.

Moreover, the duration of each of Ling’s skills has now experienced a significant increase so that at this time he cannot freely use his skills.

Even when using the ultimate, of course you have to take all the existing swords to replenish your energy in order to maximize the skill.

This difficulty certainly makes not all players able to use this one hero so you can use other Assassin heroes in Mobile Legends such as Saber, Lancelot and even Karina who is also no less powerful than this hero.

However, you don’t have to worry yourself because you can learn Ling through mode practice or practice that will surely make you good.

So, that’s what Ling currently lacks in Mobile Legends. Interested in trying Spinners?

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