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Zynga Releases Video Teaser for Upcoming Farmville 3

Zynga has released a new teaser video for FarmVille 3 that looks to give players a cute and fun treat to the game. The video footage also gives a glimpse of the various types of animals that you can collect and breed in FarmVille 3.

Seen in his YouTube trailer above, it opens with two cows celebrating the arrival of a calf that appears to be sleeping in a basket. From there, the video continues featuring several other animals such as horses, pigs, and even an arctic fox. It doesn’t seem to be limited to farm animals, with over 150 different species to discover.

If you have never played this game before, FarmVille 3 will invite players to take over an animal farm. Here they will choose which animals to raise and breed when they want to create a thriving farm. Each animal species provides different resources which players can then sell, trade, or use to complete orders. After all, it will contribute to making their farm better, which means additional space to raise adorable animals.

FarmVille 3 will be the latest addition to Zynga’s popular series. The first game launched on Facebook in 2009 and exploded in popularity quite quickly. Since then, the franchise has achieved more than 700 million downloads on mobile and web platforms. With FarmVille 3, Zynga hopes to reinvent the farming simulation genre using the mechanics found in most modern mobile games.

FarmVille 3 will be released globally on the App Store and Google Play. In fact, it is already available in some regions in soft-launching. This is a free to play game with in-app purchases.