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Your Pick Aulus Enemy Must Pick This Jungler OP Mobile Legends Hero!

Your Pick Aulus Enemy Must Pick This Jungler OP Mobile Legends Hero!

Even though he got nerf in the patch update some time ago, Aulus himself is still quite effective as a jungler.

The reason is, when reaching level 12 the hero is still very deadly even he is also very difficult to conquer.

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The combination of mobility and a fairly large lifesteal is a major scourge for the teams that will face the hero in the Land of Dawn.

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Kimmy Can Be The Solution

Photo via UHD Wallpaper

Facing Aulus who is a melee hero with quite perfect abilities is certainly quite annoying because you could say he is the best melee hero in Mobile Legends at this time.

Using Kimmy who has a fairly far attack distance can certainly be a solution considering that the hero also has very deadly damage.

Especially if you have secured the Ice Queen Wand and Glowing Wand items, the resulting slow and DPS effects will certainly make it difficult for Aulus to touch Kimmy.

The reason is, Aulus himself doesn’t have special skills like Blink that will allow him to directly touch Kimmy.

This has certainly been proven directly, even at an event as big as MPL Indonesia when ONIC Esports succeeded in overthrowing High’s Aulus on week 5 of MPL ID S9.

In that match, AURA High, who is well-known as the global top Aulus, had to bow to ONIC Sanz who was able to maximize Kimmy well.

So, that’s the jungler OP hero that you must use when dealing with Aulus in Mobile Legends.

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