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You're Slow Hand But Want to Use Assassin? This Hero is the Solution

You want to use a hero assassin, but you feel inferior because of slow hands? Don’t worry, this Mobile Legends hero assassin is the solution.

Mobile Legends assassin heroes are famous for their high mechanics, making it difficult for Mobile Legends players to master.

But the fact is not so, because there are several assassin heroes who have low mechanics, aka very suitable for beginners or players with slow hands.

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Here are the assassin heroes in Mobile Legends that we highly recommend for slow-handed players.

Hanzo – The Thief

Hanzo mobile legends
photo via gameloveku

The hero is Hanzo, playing Hanzo is very easy to do. You just use the best possible shadow and ability when farming.

You could say Hanzo is a hero assassin with the most relaxed gameplay, but his abilities are extraordinary.

Even this assassin hero is the fastest farming hero and is very scary in the early game.

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And behind his very OP ability, Hanzo is very friendly for beginners, slow hand players and even casual players.

That’s the MLBB hero that is your solution if you want to play an assassin hero that doesn’t need high mechanics to play it.

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