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Yi Sun-sin Rise of Kingdoms: Best YSS RoK Talent

Playing in KvK Season of Conquest is incomplete without fighting the true garrison duo of Zenobia – Yi Sun Sin. Indeed, YSS in Rise of Kingdoms is often the second commander behind Zeno.

But that doesn’t mean he can’t be made a Primary Commander at all. Even now many are starting to try to change the meta.

yi sun sin rise of kingdoms wallpaper

Tips for Playing YSS in Rise of Kingdoms

Legendary Garrison Commander Yi Sun-sin (YSS) is great for defending any building garrison, one of the best in Rise of Kingdoms.

He is not a commander who has a specific unit type to defend a building structure, on the contrary, his strength is based on the use of mixed troops thanks to his ultimate skill “Broken Moon” in addition to having the talent “Leadership” which increases stats when using mixed troops (Mixed Troops). .

As the commander of the Garrison he is very strong, all of his skills make the YSS the Tanky of every building, flag or city under his command.

His role as a commander in the game can be primary or both equally useful, YAS appears as a commander who is unique in his style thanks to his effectiveness in war situations in the Lost Kingdom.

Best Skirt YSS Build Talent

Because most of those who use Yi Sun-sin are paired behind Zenobia, the YSS talent doesn’t work at all and very rarely uses him as the main commander.

But if you are the one who uses Yi Sun-sin to lead the Garrison, then this YSS talent build can be imitated by you.

talent yss best skirt indonesia

His skills and talents are a perfect blend of the true Garrison definition, the skill named “Duke of Loyalty and Warfare” is an active skill that has two forms of use, for open fields and in the garrison.

Both can deal direct damage to their enemies, however, when used as a Garrison, the damage becomes AOE affecting up to 3 targets, a very fantastic skill.

The skill “Battle of Myeongnyang” is another great skill, the increase in defense and attack that this gives to all YSS troops is amazing, they make him a strong leader with any unit he leads.

Advantages and Benefits of YSS RoK

Commander Garrison, one of the most capable of PVP in Rise of Kingdoms thanks to his skills and talents.

YSS has strong skills and is active in AOE when installed in Garriaon.

Yi Sun-sin’s perfect defense and attack are very effective in Garrison, besides the use of mixed troops (Mixed Troop) is also not a big problem.

Weaknesses and Disadvantages of YSS RoK

× YSS does not have a healing factor to heal troops during the war.

× Not a good commander for PvE.

YSS Strongest Commander Pair Combo Pair

Duet Zenobia – YSS : It’s not a secret anymore. Zenobia is the best Garrison commander when paired with the YSS, and vice versa. If you want to reinforce any type of troop, it doesn’t matter when you defend the alliance/coalition flag, build alliance forts to pass. Listen: Zenobia RoK Talent.
Duet Theodora – YSS : A strong commander, like YSS, Theodora’s hallmark in Rise of Kingdoms is Garrison. He has a large AOE damage skill which is ideal for hitting up to 5 enemy targets trying to strengthen the Rally or attack the garriaon at the same time. One of the best offensive options. Read: Theodora RoK’s Best Talent.

How to Get a YSS RoK Commander

In order to get the commander of Yi Sun-sin Rise of Kingdoms, please be patient. Wait for your kingdom to be over 310 days old or enter KvK Conquest Season.

Because YSS will initially appear on the Wheel of Fortune (WoF), then prepare your Gems sufficiently. He can also be summoned through Card King and Legendary Tavern Rise of Kingdoms.