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Wu Zetian Rise of Kingdoms: RoK's Best and Strongest Talent

Talking about the Garrison commander is definitely not far from the name Wu Zetian. In Rise of Kingdoms he is indeed the best for KvK Season 3 (Light vs Darkness), after Charles Martel and Constantine.

He can also lead mixed type troops (Mixed Troops) a combination of Cavalry, Infantry and Archers to lead a garrison to remain effective.

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Tips for Playing Wu Zetian in Rise of Kingdoms

Active Skill “Mandate of Heaven” : This is a unique skill that no other commander has! Is a combination of direct da.ave and healing, dealing significant nuker-type damage, high healing percentage for a Garrison commander. You have to maximize Wu Zetian’s first skill before upgrading other skills.

Best Build Talent Wu Zetian RoK

I am personally one of those who are not Wu Zetian users. However, if you are one of the players who use him as a Garrison, then the following talent tree build is highly recommended.

talent wu zetian best skirt indonesia

Focus with the Garrison path first because that is the best use of Wu Zetian. Now we are going to cover this Talent and I want you guys to be very careful about how kalkan understands that I have researched this build.

The purpose of this build is to provide rage regeneration, reduced skill damage and trigger effects from the first skill as much as possible. You also get more benefits from the Leadership talent tree.

It’s not recommended to use Wu Zetian as the main commander (Primary) for war in the open field. Because his skills and roles are meant to lead Garrison’s defense.

Combo Pair The Strongest Wu Zetian Commander Pair

Duet Wu Zetian – Constantine I : Constantine is really a true garrison commander and he can heal troops well because his fourth skill increases Damage Reduction, the skill by a significant amount. His first skill functions for debuffs and buffs. Your troops will get extra HP (Health) that the Infantry will use in the city, very good. Because Constantine has special Infantry skills. More details: Talent Constantine RoK.
Duet Wu Zetian – Sun Tzu : If you don’t have another garrison commander worthy of a duet with Wu Zetian, then Sun Tzu can be the best option. Because he also has the Garrison skill. Listen: Sun Tzu RoK Talent talent.

How to Get Commander Wu Zetian RoK

For how to get Wu Zetian Rise of Kingdoms, you must be in the kingdom that won KvK Season 2. His sculpture can only be obtained initially through Crusader Achievement in the Lost Kingdom.

But now it’s easier, you can get Wu Zetian via Card King or buy a Daily Special Offer Rise of Kingdoms top up bundle if you are a P2W and live in an old kingdom.