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Wow, Algorithm Hill Construction Will Use Crypto!

The construction of the Algorithm Hill project is confirmed to be using cryptocurrencies. His party has also collaborated with PT Gaharu Indonesia Prima (GIP) to realize the plan.

For those who don’t know, Bukit Algorithm is a project that involves PT Kiniku Bintang Raya (KSO) and Construction BUMN PT Amarta Karya (Persero) to build a Special Economic Zone (SEZ) for Technology and Industry Development 4.0.

Currently, the Rp 18 trillion project is in the construction stage and has been marked with groundbreaking or laying the first stone in June 2022. Several updates regarding the construction of this project were finally revealed, one of which is that the financing for the construction of this Indonesian technology center will use cryptocurrencies.

Algorithm Hill Construction Project Will Use Cryptocurrencies

Reported from TribunbusinessPresident Director of PT Gaharu Indonesia Prima (GIP) Bahriandi, recently explained that his company has officially collaborated with several related parties to fund the construction of Algorithm Hill using a crypto currency called LOBO.

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“We will carry out an MoU with Algorithm Hill, hopefully it will be a blessing for the nation,” said Bahriandi.

After collaborating with Bukit Algorithm, Bahriandi also hopes that his party can contribute to the State Capital (IKN) project which is currently in the development process.

Bari Arijono as Lobo Indonesia’s Senior Advisor said that PT. Gaharu Indonesia Prima will keep the price of the LOBO token stable by staking. He also claims that LOBO is a token with the most stable price compared to other crypto tokens.

Crypto Algorithm Hill
Photo: CNN

“Our prices will be maintained well by staking methods, by means that the projects we are looking at are really visible projects, which run and generate revenue. And of course this Lobo token will have a stable price compared to other digital assets that do not have any underlying,” said Bari.

Furthermore, Bari and his company are also ready to cooperate with the IKN project using the concept of a digital equity currency so that the project development process can be completed more quickly.

“We are ready to cooperate with the IKN project using a digital equity currency and the various models we offer to accelerate the IKN development process,” he explained.

Currently, LOBO tokens are still not freely traded, because these tokens are still in the pre-sale stage, as stated by Bari.

“The tokens we currently have are still in pre-sell form, we don’t have tokens that are traded in general, yes, on several exchanges, both national and international,” Bari concluded.

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The project, called Bukit Algorithm, will utilize an area of ​​888 hectares in the Cikidang and Cibadak sub-districts, Sukabumi, West Java. This project is also dubbed the Silicon Valley of Indonesia, because later all 4.0 technology developments for Indonesia will be developed here.