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Will Smith slaps Chris Rock into NFT, this is the price!

Will Smith’s slap on Chris Rock was immediately turned into an NFT by one of the creators of the digital token, SlapDao. It didn’t take long, the NFT collection was immediately in demand by many people.

As we both know, at the Oscar 2022 event which just took place on Sunday (27/3), there was a slapping incident involving actor Will Smith and comic Chris Rock.

The incident immediately became the world’s spotlight and became a hot discussion on all social media. Because it is considered unique, this rare moment is also used as a source of money by NFT creators.

Will Smith slaps Chris Rock into NFT, Interested?

The NFT-only marketplace, OpenSea, was suddenly flooded with a collection of digital tokens in the form of an image showing Will Smith slapping Chris Rock. However, what caught my attention the most was a creator named SlapDao, who turned several pieces of the slapping incident into a meme.

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He named his NFT collection Will Smith SlapDao. This digital token has a design from the video clip when Will Smith slaps Chris Rock and is equipped with interesting text.

For the cheapest, SlapDao pegs it at 0.003 ETH and the most expensive is 69 ETH or equivalent to Ro 4.2 billion.

Slap Will Smith NFT
Photo: OpenSea

According to a report from Twitter with the username @temurdur via Uzone, this NFT sold an average of 0.0101 ETH or around Rp. 488 thousand.

Of course, the price is likely to continue to soar because this moment is very rare and is unlikely to happen again. By relying on this moment, it is hoped that the NFT made by SlapDao will become a profitable investment for its buyers in the future.

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For your informationthe incident of assault by Will Smith at the 2022 Oscars because he did not accept when his wife’s illness was made a joke by Chris Rock.

However, Will Smith has apologized for the commotion and admitted that his anger at that time had crossed the line. On the other hand, Chris Rock is unlikely to report the incident to the authorities and chooses to make peace with Will Smith.