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Will Smith's Slap to Chris Rock Wasn't a Setting!

Ramin Setoodeh revealed that Will Smith’s slapping incident to Chris Rock was not a setup. In fact, he was very surprised when Will Smith was reckless to carry out his disgraceful act.

Yep, the Oscar 2022 event is indeed colored by unexpected incidents. The reason is, Chris Rock got a raw bogem from Will Smith for making his wife’s illness a joke.

However, many parties claim that the action is just a setting. Hearing this, Ramin Setoodeh also gave his clarification to netizens.

Ramin Setoodeh Says Will Smith’s Slap To Chris Rock Wasn’t a Setting

Not long ago, the writer and Executive Editor of Variety, Ramin Setoodeh made a tweet on his account Twitterwho said that the incident involving Will Smith and Chris Rock was real and not fabricated.

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“Someone who works for the Oscars told me Chris Rock was not interrupted by Will Smith during rehearsal yesterday. That shouldn’t have happened. It’s real,” wrote Setoodeh.

“There was a loud thud inside Dolby when Will Smith slapped Chris Rock. It looked like a play, but when Smith started yelling at Rock after he got back into the chair, everyone at the Oscars realized it was real.”

This official statement from Setoodeh seems to break the speculation that the incident had been designed in such a way as to create a commotion in the virtual world.

Will Smith Settings
Photo: Page Six

However, of course netizens did not immediately believe the tweet from Setoodeh. They claimed that there were several body movements from Will and Chris which indicated that the slapping was just a setup or a gimmick.

As a result, debate is unavoidable. Hmm, that’s natural, his name is also a netizen, guys, hehe.

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However, Will Smith has admitted that he was wrong and apologized to Chris. This apology he conveyed through his Instagram post.

“I want to publicly apologize to you, Chris. I clearly crossed the line and I was wrong,” wrote Will Smith.