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Will Meet Alter Ego, This is EVOS Rekt's Special Preparation!

Will Meet Alter Ego, This is EVOS Rekt’s Special Preparation!

EVOS Legends will face Alter Ego in the play-in round of MPL ID Season 9. It will be very exciting because one of these teams will go home first in the playoffs of MPL ID Season 9 this time.

Talking about the match via his Nimo TV Live Streaming, EVOS Rekt revealed his team’s special preparations to fight Alter Ego.

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Photo via Nimo TV REKT

“Prepare is already 1 day 4 scrims now, right, instead of preparing it for AE, not for MPL champions, so I don’t want to go home first. We really prepared for AE,” said Rekt.

It turned out that Rekt admitted that EVOS prepared specifically for Alter Ego with 4x scrim, this was done so that his team did not go home first.

He admitted that he did not prepare to win the MPL first because it would be useless if his team failed to overcome Alter Ego’s obstacles in the first match.

EVOS’s focus is to overcome Alter Ego’s obstacles first before then if they qualify they will have an El Clasico match against RRQ Hoshi in the upper bracket round.

For EVOS fans, are you sure that the team will be able to overcome the Alter Ego team this afternoon?

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