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Why is the Scarlet Phantom Item Rarely Used by Mobile Legends Players

Maybe some of you are curious about why the Scarlet Phantom item is now rarely used by Mobile Legends players? This is the answer SPIN version.

The Scarlet Phantom item is one of the most popular items in its time. This item can increase our hero’s attack speed to be very high.

In addition, this item is usually a duet with a fury-looking item that makes the user very scary.

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But lately the Scarlet Phantom item is very rarely seen anymore, players rarely use it even though they use heroes that match this item such as Bruno, Hanabi, Miya and so on.

Now about that, SPIN Esports has a reason why this item is rarely used by Mobile Legends players anymore.

The reason Scarlet Phantom is not popular anymore

Scarlet Phantom Mobile Legends

The main reason, of course, is that the heroes who are required to use this item are no longer meta for several seasons of Mobile Legends.

Which has a big effect on the popularity level of this Scarlet Phantom item being very low. Call it like Hanabi, Layla, Miya, and so on, how many seasons have you not entered the meta?

Hanabi op mobile legends
Photo via Wallpaper Cave

In addition, the unsatisfactory effect is also the reason why Scarlet Phantom is no longer used by players.

Players definitely prefer to buy Wind of Nature items than Scarlet Phantom. Because WON items are much more influential, apart from providing attack speed, they can also provide immunity from physical attacks.

Those are some of the reasons that make the Scarlet Phantom item less popular in Mobile Legends in our opinion.

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