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Why Is Aamon Missing From Meta Mobile Legends? This is the answer

Long time no see, why did Aamon disappear from the Mobile Legends meta game? SPIN Esports has the answer you should know.

Aamon is one of the assassin heroes whose existence is starting to be forgotten by Mobile Legends players. Not without reason players forget Aamon, but because there are several reasons that make it happen.

Aamon himself at the beginning of its release was made a bone of contention by the players because of his terrible abilities.

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But why did he suddenly disappear from the Mobile Legends meta game? Here’s our version of the answer.

Got Nerf

Aamon's New Skin

The main reason was definitely due to the nerf he received a while ago. Nerf is very influential on the gameplay.

Which makes Aamon obsolete because the damage doesn’t hurt like it was in the early releases.

Not Hero Instant Kill

Photo via Mobile Legends

The second reason is still related to the first reason, where apart from the less painful damage, playing Aamoon can’t just play it carelessly.

He is very dependent on his passive, the more passive, the more painful the damage. So unlike the usual assassin heroes who can directly attack and kill the opponent right away.

Aamon must collect his stack or passive first then attack the opponent. Which this method is very troublesome not to mention easy to avoid.

Those are some of the reasons why Aamon disappeared from the Mobile Legends meta game in our opinion.

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