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When Will Mystery Shop Free Fire (FF) April 2022 Come? This is the leak!

When Will Mystery Shop Free Fire (FF) April 2022 Come? This is the leak!

Free Fire (FF) always manages to attract the attention of its players with cool events that offer attractive prizes, events keep popping up every certain period of time.

So far, the event that has been eagerly awaited by players is the presence of the Mystery Shop event which brings a number of skin items to be obtained at a discounted price.

Well, some time lately the discussion about the re-emergence of the event is inevitable. The reason, this event is scheduled to be present in 2 or 3 months.

Since its last appearance was in February 2022, it is already scheduled for the event to appear again in April 2022.

Well, we can confirm when the Mystery Shop FF April 2022 is leaked, let’s look at the following information!

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When is Mystery Shop Free Fire (FF) April 2022

According to an accurate leak from GM Rido Odiri via YouTube Kulgar, the Mystery Shop is certain to be back with discounted items.

The presence of the Mystery Shop this month can be ascertained to be present starting April 22, 2022. Where, the two bundles that are the main prizes are two bundles for male characters.

As said by GM Rido Kulgar, the two bundles are a special edition of the Free Fire collaboration bundle with J Balvin, entitled Everything Goes and Prismatic Energy.

Unfortunately, apart from the two bundles, it is not yet certain what other items will be present in the Mystery Shop event this time.

Most likely, the Mystery Shop on this occasion will not only be present once. Because as usual when welcoming Eid al-Fitr, Free Fire issues these events in a row.

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That’s information about when the Mystery Shop event will be released for this month on Free Fire. Don’t forget to visit SPIN Website for other latest updates, and follow Instagram and Youtube we.