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When Does Zenith of Power Rise of Kingdoms Appear?

zenith of power rise of kingdoms schedule

When does the Zenith of Power RoK event schedule appear on your royal server? Friends, gamers who are looking forward to Zenith’s appearance in Rise of Kingdoms, must have prepared a lot of Speedup items.

Because in truth, this Zenith of Power event is a competition with lots of Speedups. If you have unlimited Speedups, the guarantee of winning or at least entering the top 10 is very high.

Zenith of Power is a Rise of Kingdoms event that requires us to increase the amount of Power as much as possible, as high as possible. Both power from commanders, troop training (Troops Training), building upgrades, to technology research (Research).

Why should we aim for the top 10? It’s not really mandatory, but if you want to get the main prize, namely City Skins or City Skins with available buffs, then getting a top 10 ranking is a must.
There are also other prizes such as Gold Statues, Avatar Frames, Name Plaques, Gems, Speedups and others. Zenith of Power is actually an event where the sultans compete against each other.

Another difficulty is that, throughout Zenith of Power, which lasts 3-4 days, you will fight not only against players from one kingdom, but also against players from other kingdom servers on one continent.

As we know, one continent has 8 kingdoms. For example, my friend is in kingdom 1892, so the opponents are those from 1893 to 1899 as well. If one kingdom has at least 100 sultans, then you have to fight hundreds of other sultans to rank in the top 10.

Therefore, for Low Spender and F2P, it is important to prepare a speedup that totals at least 5 years of universal speedup, not including specific speedups specifically for training troops, research, and so on.

Zenith of Power Rise of Kingdoms Schedule

So when does the Zenith of Power event in Rise of Kingdoms appear? The answer: Whenever there is a holiday event, what else is it? We have discussed in the article: About Holiday Events. In essence, Zenith’s presence could be every 4 or 6 months. You can check the event calendar periodically.

Everything depends on events in real life. For example, Zenith of Power appeared at the same time there was a big event during the 2022 Christmas holiday season, then it came back in the summer of 2022.

The distance is uncertain, but the forecast is clear every 4-6 months. Usually every time there is an update and after the Patch Notes update maintenance is complete, we can check in the CH skin collection section to find out the details of the city’s skin/theme that will be presented at the next event.

Update: Zenith of Power is now only available twice a year, spring (Spring) and winter (Winter) or Christmas events.

Starting from checking the buff and nerf information given by Lilith, whether the type of rarity is Legendary or Epic Skin, to seeing the architectural design of the city’s skin and then tapping on the question mark icon (?) to find out what events the skin can be obtained from.

Buddy can also join the Telegram group of royal players # 1093, usually all kinds of leaked new feature releases, commanders, and so on are circulated first in the limited group, including the Zenith of Power Rise of Kingdoms event schedule so you can prepare as many RSS and speedups as possible. Possible.