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When Does the Recharge Rewards Event Appear at Rise of Kingdoms?

recharge rewards rise of kingdoms rok

If you are a P2W player or like to top-up in the Rise of Kingdoms game, then the Recharge Rewards event is definitely awaited by RoK gamers. What is Recharge Rewards?

Top-up Prizes or Recharge Rewards are special bonuses given by Lilith if you top up with a minimum number of Gems that are determined every day for a certain period.

In the Top Up Prize event that lasts for a week, all Governors have the opportunity to get a total of 30 Universal Legendary Sculpture / Gold Head / Palbot / Gold Statues or whatever you call it, to upgrade the legendary commander skill.

As we all know, it’s really hard to get just one gold statue. So, with this Recharge Rewards event, Lilith tries to give a top-up prize of 2500 Gems per day for 7 days.

Following are the rules for Rise of Kingdoms Top-up Rewards (Recharge Rewards):

1. Every day during the event, top-up with a minimum of the specified number of Gems to get daily rewards and open Chests the next day.

2. Gems obtained from the Supply Depot, Growth Fund, and Gem bonus from the bundle package do not count towards the total gain for this event.

3. Top-up a minimum of 2500 gems per day from a bundle other than the one mentioned in point number 2 earlier, to get a chest bonus. Top up prizes in Recharge Rewards are even better if you get them every day.

4. All Gems will be reset at 00:00 UTC (07:00 WIB) every day. So, for example, if you top-up any bundle now with a total of 3000 Gems, it will still be counted as 2500. The next day, you have to top up the bundle again at least 2500 to unlock another chest.

5. Immediately claim all prizes during the event, don’t delay.

For those of you who are low spenders, then this is a very interesting event and moment to get 30 Gold Statues of Legend Commanders for free just from the top up you usually do.

Some additional prizes such as a purple (Epic) material selection chest, Golden Key, Crystal Key (Crystal Key), 40 Epic Commander Sculpture, Speedup, Dazzling Starlight Sculpture (Golden Star), SDA, to EXP Tome of Knowledge are also included in the prize.

Once again reminded Gems from the 30 Day Gem Supply and Growth Fund will not be counted. Maybe you can choose the Daily Special Promo bundle, the Savings Bundle, and the limited edition bundle that appears during the holiday event.

Schedule of When Recharge Rewards Appear: Uncertain, but we can be sure that every Holiday Event or event that occurs every 3-4 months there will definitely be Top-up Prizes in all kingdoms.

Not bad thirty Legendary Sculpture Rise of Kingdoms for free, if VIP 14 normally takes 10 days considering 3 free gold statues a day from daily chests.