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When can the Yellow Diamond Mobile Legends be used? This is the date!

When can the Yellow Diamond Mobile Legends be used? This is the date!

The Diamond Bonus Event or commonly known as the yellow diamond has finally arrived in Mobile Legends.

The reason is, through this event you can get lots of bonus diamonds that you can use to buy various attributes in the game, from heroes to skins.

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Although the yellow diamond event has started, unfortunately the diamond still cannot be used at this time.

Therefore, here is the date when you can use the yellow diamond in Mobile Legends.

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Can be used at the end of April

To be able to use the yellow diamonds that you have collected, unfortunately you have to be patient because you can use the diamonds at the end of April.

Moonton himself ensures that the diamond can only be used from April 28 to May 3.

On that date, of course, you can take advantage of the yellow diamonds that you have collected to be exchanged for heroes or skins at an affordable price.

There is still a chance to get a yellow diamond

With a long usage time, of course you still have the opportunity to collect as many yellow diamonds as possible.

One of them is through daily missions which will usually be updated every day for you to be able to collect points as well as become the first rank to be able to get more yellow diamonds.

In addition, you are also required to log in on April 28 to get the opportunity to get additional diamonds of 29 or 1000 diamonds.

So, that’s when the yellow diamond date in Mobile Legends can be used and ends, Spinners.

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