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Weekend 2 Day 4 PMPL ID Season 5 Standings, ION Esports at the Top!

The following is the week 2 Day 4 PMPL ID Season 5 standings that you should know, where ION Esports leads the final standings in W2 with their consistent game.

As we know that the PMPL ID Season 5 event started 1 week ago, where this season uses a different system.

The weekdays and super weekend rounds are removed, replaced by playing 5 times in one week in a row for 3 weeks. So all teams have to show their best performance every day.

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Now about that two weeks PMPL ID Season 5 has been going on and here are the final standings for this week 2.

W2 PMPL ID S5 standings

Since the first day started, ION Esports showed a very consistent game from day 1 to day 4 until finally they managed to lead the final standings in week 2 of PMPL ID S5.

For the past 4 days, ION Esports has really looked very impressive and dominated the game.

Then just like ION Esports, NFT Esports also doesn’t want to lose by showing great and consistent performance, they continue to overshadow ION’s position by sitting in 2nd position.

Meanwhile for position 3, followed by GPX, Bigetron RA, Alter Ego, RRQ Ryu and so on.

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