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Wedding Agreement Telegram, Here's Synopsis and Watch Links

After the viral success on social media, now many people are looking for the Wedding Agreement movie link. The viral drama of this romantic drama started when some of the content creators of TikTok uploaded several movie scenes that made people curious about the original story. This is proven by those who are currently looking for a link to watch the film because it is not shown on television.

If you are also like them, which is looking for a link to watch the Wedding Agreement Telegram film, then you have come here right. Because we ourselves have prepared the link and synopsis before you continue watching it. So it would be nice to first see the explanation and synopsis of this film.

Since its release on August 8, 2022. The film with the title Wedding Agreement has successfully seduced the hearts of the audience. In fact, this film received a positive response from various audiences, and received a total of 94% likes. Certainly not a small number when we compare it with other films.

Previously, for those of you who want to watch the film via the Telegram Wedding Agreement link. We recommend reading the synopsis first, so that you understand the plot and storyline of this film. You can see the synopsis below.

Synopsis of Wedding Agreement

The film Wedding Agreement has a story about a relationship between lovers who have to separate because their parents don’t approve of it. Not only that, but their unavoidable match was the cause of their separation. The couple is played by Refal Hady as Bian, and Susan Sameh as Sarah.

Bian is said to have had a long relationship with Sarah. However, Bian’s parents (Unique Priscilla and Bucek) did not approve of their relationship. Even Bian was involved in an arranged marriage from his parents. Bian must marry Tari (Indah Permatasari) so he can avoid Sarah.

He also obeyed his parents’ orders and married Tari. Even though Bian is already married to Tari, it turns out that Bian still has a relationship with Sarah. This is where the peak of this film begins. Sarah, who always tempts Bian to divorce Tari, also often does various things to make this plan a success.

Meanwhile, Tari tries to maintain her household with Bian. On the one hand, Bian really wants to divorce Tari. However, over time Bian began to feel the seeds of love for Tari. Bian began to slowly approach Tari until they were really together.

Link Watch Wedding Agreement Telegram

If you can’t wait to watch this film, then you can directly click the Telegram Wedding Agreement link that we have prepared in this article. Don’t forget, we also include steps on how to watch the film so it doesn’t confuse you. Here’s the link to watch Wedding Agreement Telegram.

==>Link to Watch Wedding Agreement Telegram<==

  1. Open the link to watch Wedding Agreement Telegram above.
  2. Select the web or app to open Telegram.
  3. Join the Wedding Agreement Telegram film group first, then choose which episode you want to watch.
  4. Just click on each episode and enjoy watching.
  5. Done.


That was the information about the Telegram Wedding Agreement that we could convey to you. We hope that this information will be useful for you.