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Want to Play Guitar? Try Playing it on your Android Phone

How to Play Guitar on Android

Like to play guitar? Yep, in general, teenagers when they get together always need a guitar as a complement. With the guitar, we can sing and laugh with our friends.

But when there is no guitar, the atmosphere will feel empty. In fact, technology has now been able to resemble various functions of physical objects that cannot be separated from the guitar.

An Android smartphone for example, so when you want to play guitar but don’t have one, you can use your phone as a guitar. Want to know how? Let’s see the explanation below.

How to Play Guitar on Android Phone

Enjoying the strains of guitar music can now not only be obtained from physical objects. Now there are many guitars available in the form of applications that are able to produce the exact same sound as the original guitar.

In addition, playing guitar via an Android smartphone is also one of the right choices for those of you who are not fluent or still stiff in playing guitar.

Well, to play guitar through your favorite cellphone, you only need to download the Real Guitar application on the Play Store. Actually there are many types of guitar applications, but based on my experience, Real Guitar is quite good and produces clear sound.

Not only that, various types of guitars are also available that you can choose according to your taste. Such as acoustic guitar, electric guitar and others. For setting the chord is also very simple.

You only need to place 8 types of guitar chords that you want to play, for example when you want to play guitar with a basic C note, then you match other chords that are in the same direction as the basic note, such as G, Am, D, Dm, F, Em.

In addition, the problem of advertising is also that this application does not place annoying ads when we play guitar. Only when we want to change the placement of chords and guitar type only.

If that’s not a problem and I’m sure in this way, gathering with friends, joking and laughing, will be even more complete with Android guitar music accompaniment.