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Want to Easily Push Rank Heroic FF? Don't Make This Mistake!

Want to Easily Push Rank Heroic FF? Don’t Make This Mistake!

Reaching the highest rank in Free Fire (FF), which is Heroic, is not an easy task, even for veterans and experienced Free Fire players.

Although this may seem impossible to some players, there are ways to be aware of to easily reach Heroic.

This may be achieved by using various battle strategies, building good character, and teamwork.

In addition, players must also pay attention not to make silly mistakes that often harm themselves.

Well, for those of you who want to reach or push rank to Heroic easily, please avoid the following things!

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Error when Push Rank to Heroic FF

Push Rank to Heroic FF

  • Lacks strategy and gameplay

If you’re still relying on shooting games and good guns to win, you’d better learn it again!

Although shooting is still needed, it doesn’t end there. You need to develop the game by having a more mature playing strategy.

At times, a simple positioning or rotation strategy is more effective than simply expecting perfect aim.

  • Choosing a bad route during rotation

Traversing the map well, you could say is a very meaningful ability. Moving from one location to another safely will be of utmost importance.

Unfortunately, most of the players fail to carry out this task with the right strategy. They put markers on the map that can sometimes be ambushed and killed by opponents.

Choosing a bad rotation route causes players to run into obstacles or get stuck outside the safe zone and simply die.

Reaching the highest rank is definitely not an easy thing. Especially in a match you are not sure to always win and increase points.

So, consistency in the time you give is really needed. Not only that, players must also be consistent in gameplay and get kill points in every match.

Given the difficulty of this, of course it will be more difficult if you don’t play for days. In addition to lowering your ability, you will also have difficulty catching up.

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Those are some things that players should avoid if they want to reach the rank they want easily. Don’t forget to visit SPIN Website for other latest updates, and follow Instagram and Youtube we.