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Want to be a YouTuber? This is How to Edit Videos on Android Phones

How to Edit Videos on Android Phones for YouTubers

The need for video editing is a very important thing in the current millennial era. Many people have plunged into the world of YouTube in order to be able to earn money.

One of the requirements to be a successful YouTuber is to be able to produce interesting content. Well, this is certainly inseparable from the results of your video edits.

So, in this article, BugisTekno will discuss how to edit videos on Android that can help those of you who are just getting into the world of YouTubers.

Become a YouTuber with an Android cellphone capital, why not?

To produce interesting video content, we are simply not required to use a computer device to make videos.

Now there are many video editing applications for Android smartphones that we can use.

The purpose of interesting content is about what the content is about, also including how your video edits.

So don’t be surprised, now there are many professional YouTubers who only rely on Android smartphones to create video content.

One video editing application that you should try is the InShot application. The various features available are qualified to meet your editing needs.

Therefore, in this video editing tutorial I use the InShot application. Besides being easy to use, the features are also quite complete which is suitable for beginner YouTubers.

How to Edit Videos on Android with the InShot Application

Before going into the editing process, make sure you have prepared the video content. For example, video game content, tutorials or others, depending on what topic you want to discuss on your YouTube channel.

The following is a tutorial on how to edit videos using the InShot Android application:

1. Open the InShot App

First of all, please open the InShot application, click menu Videos then select the video you want to edit.

After the editor menu opens, you will see a variety of tools at the bottom that have their respective functions.

2. Adding Music

To add music to the video, select the menu music on the available tools, then select track. You can enter music from your cellphone gallery, or choose the type of music available.

Make sure the music you enter does not contain copyright elements, especially if you really want to become a professional YouTuber.

Next, set the starting location of the music on your video, by pressing and holding on the music line and then sliding it, if you have then press the button tick.

3. Cut Video Parts

When creating video content, sometimes there are parts of the video that we want to get rid of. The way is to cut it.

To cut part of the video, please open the menu Pre-cutthen select Cut then slide the video clip at the bottom. Make sure that the start and end of the video you want to cut are correct.

4. Adding Text

To enrich the quality of video editing, we also need to add text to certain parts of the video.

Well, to add text, please select the menu Text in the tools, then type the word or sentence you want to display.

After that, drag and place the text neatly on the video. If everything is ready, just press the check button.

5. Adjust the Speed

When the video duration is too long, then one way to reduce the duration is to adjust the video speed.

If in certain parts of your video there are no important things, then you can speed up the duration.

The trick is to select the menu Speed, then adjust how much additional video speed you want. If you press the icon tick.

The final word

Editing videos on Android phones is actually very easy, you just need to understand the various tools available.

The result that determines is how patient and creative you are in editing a video to make it as interesting as possible.

Actually there are many other tools in the InShot application that I did not explain, only those that have very important functions.

By mastering some of the tools above, you can create interesting and professional video content.

That’s the article this time about how to easily edit videos on an Android phone which is perfect for beginner YouTubers.