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Vexana Mobile Legends Revamp Gameplay Leaks, So Very Different!

Vexana Mobile Legends Revamp Gameplay Leaks, So Very Different!

As we know that Vexana will soon get a revamp. This happy news is certainly welcomed by Vexana users.

It’s not just a revamp skill, but it looks much different. In addition to being more beautiful, the skills are also more OP.

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Instead of being curious, just take a look at the video that SPIN Esports provides below.

Gameplay Revamp Vexana

Maybe at a glance the skills are not much different. However, if examined there is a big difference in the skills.

Skill 1 becomes easier to hit like Valentina’s skill (without a combo). Skill 2 can be immediately issued if skill 2 is pressed again.

The ultimate is now not an enemy summon but a small Lord. The damage also looks quite large.

In addition to being a damager, Lord can also be Vexana’s additional shield so that she is more flexible to issue her skills.

For a more in-depth explanation of the skills that change in Vexana, it will be discussed in the next discussion.

How do Vexana users see the leak, are they confident that Vexana will become a meta in the future? SPIN Esports is quite confident seeing the leaks that are so promising.

For certainty when it will be available in the next patch after Julian’s release, in June (estimated).

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