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Valorant Art Director Responds To Criticism Of Valorant Skin Bundle Without Effect

Valorant’s Art Director Responds to Criticism of No Effect Valorant Skin Bundle.

Valorant is probably one of the current games that update their content frequently. In terms of battlepass, spray, player cards to weapon skins.

One of the most awaited content by players is the skin bundle that they release every few weeks. Weapon skins in Valorant are currently one of the important factors for the performance of each of their players.

Many players feel, wearing skins on their weapons, will make them more confident and play better. Valorant has added to its available inventory with some of the most creative skin designs in the FPS genre. However, not all skins are equally good.

When fans recently saw that their next skin bundle didn’t have anything special, fans started blaspheming and saying Valorant was lazy. Art director from Valorant, Sean Marino gave his response why not all skins in Valorant have a cool effect.

Founder of 100Thieves Nadeshot Gives His Criticism about Skin Valorant

Maybe this was started by Nadeshot who criticized the next bundle that would come out, namely the Endeavor Bundle. Nadeshot says:

“No disrespect to Riot and the design team, but I think I speak for everyone that if a bundle doesn’t come in the way of alternative colors and special effects, the bundle is a failure. So much potential with this one too.”

Seeing this tweet, a lot of fans agreed because the new skin bundle is really cool but there’s nothing special about it to use.

With much criticism, Sean Marino, Associate Art Director of Valorant provides feedback and reasons why each bundle has no special effects.

Sean Marino provides a detailed explanation for the “boring” Valorant skin bundle. Not all bundles can be as luxurious as collections Elderflame or Gaia’s Vengeance because of the long and lengthy development process.

This team has great ideas and is able to bring those ideas to life for the players. If we put 150% into everything, the team will burn out, the skins will take longer to release, and everything will be very expensive, “said Marino.

If each bundle has a special effect, players will not be able to enjoy a wide variety of skins.

Not all players can afford to shell out $100 per skin bundle, but they can still enjoy certain tiers of weapons for less. So the developer took into account the needs of all Valorant players when designing the Valorant skin bundle.

As a context, the Gaia Vengence skin which was just released some time ago had to be postponed for 1 year because they wanted to include effects, sound effects, and variant colors.

Furthermore, Sean Marino urges fans to give constructive criticism instead of slamming the design without purpose.

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