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Unplayed, This is a Special Message from ONIC Vior for Fans!

Unplayed, This is a Special Message from ONIC Vior for Fans!

ONIC brought a surprise this Sunday where Drian returned to play after taking a break at the beginning of the season.

Brought from MDL this week, Drian was immediately played when ONIC met Bigetron Alpha on week 7.

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Of course, this makes you wonder when Vior will play in MPL ID Season 9.

Through a media interview after the match against BTR, ONIC Vior gave a special message for fans who are waiting for their performance in MPL ID Season 9.

Source: Doc. Personal

“For the fans who are waiting for my performance in MPL, don’t be disappointed, friends, because most likely I will not be played,” said Vior briefly.

Don’t be disappointed, for the fans, even though Vior said it’s likely that he won’t be playing.

However, anything can happen, especially since the season is still on and there will be no playoffs after the regular season.

ONIC will still play in the next three matches, namely against EVOS, Geek Fam and Alter Ego.

It could be in one match or the next game Vior will be played.

Moreover, tomorrow’s match where ONIC meets EVOS, will Vior be ONIC’s main weapon to incapacitate Rekt?

Let’s just wait for the next match Spinners so you know the answer.

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