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Total Yellow Diamond Mobile Legends (ML) Obtained & Date Each Round

Take note, spinners, here is the total calculation of the Yellow Diamond Mobile Legends (ML) that you get and the date of each round.

As we know that Moonton has brought a big event into the Mobile Legends game, that event is the Yellow Diamond or Diamond Promo.

The yellow diamond event itself has been going on for some time and has now entered the 3rd phase or round.

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Now about that, how many rounds are there in this diamond promo and how much is the total yellow diamond obtained from this event? SPIN Esports will explain the details.

Total Yellow Diamonds Obtained

mobile legends yellow diamond

For the total yellow diamond that you can get at this event is 700 with a note that you must rank 1 continuously in every round.

Because if rank 1 continues in every round, you will get 140 yellow diamonds and that’s just multiplied by 5 rounds.

So a total of 700 yellow diamonds you can get, but you can adjust the amount depending on what position you finish in every round.

And also that amount has not been calculated from the exchange chest in the “shop” at the 515 Carnival Party event.

Date of Each Round

For the date itself, starting from April 12 to 27, 2022 and that’s just divided by 3 days per round.

So it can be concluded that 12-14 is round 1, 15-17 is round 2, 18-20 is round 3 and so on. For more details, you can see the photo that SPIN Esports provides above.

That’s complete information regarding the total yellow diamond Mobile Legends obtained and when the round starts.

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