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Top 5 AOE Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms

It’s no secret that commanders with AOE damage skills in Rise of Kingdoms are more attractive to players than those with Direct Damage (one target) against enemies.

This is because the AOE damage skill can give quite a lot of Kill Points at one time by hitting more than 1 March of the opposing troops at once.

commander aoe rise of kingdoms rok

For Rise of Kingdoms, which until this article was written, it already has more than 70 commanders from various castes ranging from Advanced, Elite, Epic to Legendary tier. All of them have unique and different animations of active skill effects.

So who are the RoK commanders with the best AOE skills in Rise of Kingdoms? Here Kibezaka summarizes based on the experience of playing this game for almost 3 years.

Yi Seong-Gye

Maybe many players are not surprised and agree on this. Yi Seong-Gye is indeed touted as the sickest and best AOE skill commander in Rise of Kingdoms so far.

It is very useful in the early game, and will continue to be useful until the late game. Versatile too, can chain Barbarian or war in the open field. Duet with any commander just brush. Especially if you focus on Archer troop units (Archers).

His AOE is in the form of a fan-shape (bow), but if you have expertise, you can 360 degrees, a maximum of 5 marches of enemy troops in the vicinity can be hit at one time. Listen: RoK’s Best YSG Talent.

Sun Tzu

Why Sun Tzu? He is the commander of Epic, free and easy to get from the beginning of the game by all players, both F2P, Low Spender to Sultan, will rely on Mr. Sun Tzu in the early game.

Sun Tzu’s AOE Infantry is in the form of a bow or fan-shapped area. This means that the AOE damage skill can only be activated when all the enemies are in front of Sun Tzu only.

Try to get Sun Tzu agae’s expertise up to a maximum of her AOE active skills to hit five enemies at once. More details: Build Talent Sun Tzu RoK.


Who would have thought that Aethelflaed was also the mainstay Legend commander from the early game to the late game. Yes, many still use Aeth until KvK Season of Conquest aka KvK 4 & beyond.

Aethelflaed is a versatile commander and a commander with the Rise of Kingdoms AOE skill that can hit up to 3-4 Marches of enemy troops at once. For F2P and Low Spender, he can be relied on in Sunset Canyon. Read more: Talent Aethelflaed RoK.


One of the best Rise of Kingdoms AOE commanders at the beginning of its release. Nebuchadnezzar or Nebuchadnezzar II had an active AOE damage skill in the form of a Circle similar to YSG but with a wider circle area.

aoe commander skirt rise of kingdoms
Unfortunately the update in early 2022 made Nebu go into a nerf. So now his AOE is not as wide as when it was first released. But clearly, Nebuchadnezzar is still a legendary commander with AOE skills capable of fighting, especially in the open field. For an explanation, see: Nebuchadnezzar Rise of Kingdoms.

Xiang Yu

This is the commander who is currently the most used for Rally and Open Field in KvK Season of Conquest. Xiang Yu as the best AOE Rise of Kingdoms commander has an active skill with high damage (DPS). Check: Xiang Yu RoK.
Especially when he gets Swarmed by enemy troops, then there is an additional buff like Harald Sigurdsson. If you are a Cavalry player, then Xiang Yu is highly recommended for expertise. Invest a gold statue for him, won’t regret it in the long run.

Actually there are still some commanders who have the AOE Damage skill in Rise of Kingdoms. But not as good as the commander lika mentioned earlier and mostly functions as a Garrison. Obviously, the list above could add or change considering that Lilith launches a new Legendary commander every 3 months.