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Top 3 Roamers in MPL ID Season 9 According to GPX Donkey!

Top 3 Roamers in MPL ID Season 9 According to GPX Donkey!

Donkey is one of the fathers of Indonesian Tankers, this role is a role that usually uses Tank or thick heroes as the initiator or protector of other heroes.

This role is now better known as a roamer because it contains support heroes who can do damage like Selena or Natalia.

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Top 3 Roamers GPX Donkey Version

Well, as one of the veterans in this role on the occasion of a media interview with Donkey, Donkey was asked about the current top 3 roamers. And here is his answer.

GPX Donkey
source: Doc. Personal

“Top 3 Roamers right now, Kiboy, VYN, one more, maybe LeoMurphy,” said Donkey.

It’s interesting to see the list of top players according to Donkey because all three are in top performance at the moment.

However, there is one interesting name that is not included in the list according to Donkey, namely Rekt. It turns out that Donkey has a special view on Rekt, which is as follows.

Dream Team Sea Games 2021 Rekt
source: ig @evosesports

“I think Rekt is still good now, but Rekt’s type of player, surely he is a player type (maybe the same as me before), he relies on gameplay macros, not mechanics, so he must be with people who understand his thoughts (Rekt ),” said Donkey.

According to Donkey Rekt is a good player as a roamer, but because according to him Rekt is his former self (needs a team that understands the gameplay) so he can’t be careless with any team. Donkey emphasized that Rekt is not a mechanical roamer type but a macro gameplay.

That’s the reason why Rekt was not included in the top 3 roamers in MPL ID Season 9 by Donkey.

If you have other views regarding the top 3 for this role, you can write them in the comments column.

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