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Too OP, These Three Mobile Legends Heroes Immediately Get Nerfed Today!

Too OP, These Three Mobile Legends Heroes Immediately Get Nerfed Today!

No need to wait for a new patch because in fact these three heroes will get pretty decent nerf because they are considered too OP in this new patch in March 2022.

Usually nerfs or buffs will be collected and will only be applied to the next patch, different events for these three heroes are considered too OP so they are immediately nerfed quickly.

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The three heroes are Masha, Guinevere and Beatrix. These three heroes are indeed in demand after the patch, especially Masha who can be said to be the current pick or ban hero.

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For Beatrix itself, from the previous patch where the nerf was only in the early but late game, it was crazy.

Guinevere himself is not a hero who sells in tournaments, but his usage has increased considerably after being buffed.

Nerf Hero OP Mobile Legends

And this is the adjustment of the three heroes.


Masha Nerf
source: YT Kog


  • Base Physical Defense reduced to 10 (previously 20)
  • Base Magical Defense reduced to 5 (previously 10)

Skill 1

  • Base Damage reduced to 60 (previously 75)

Skill 3

  • Base Damage in early game reduced to 400 (previously 500)
  • Base Damage in late game reduced to 600 (previously 700)
  • HP percentage for late game damage reduced to 40% (previously 50%)
  • In conclusion now Masha’s 3rd skill has damage 400-600 + (30-40% Extra HP Masha)

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source: YT Kog


  • Base Physical Attack reduced to 102 (formerly 110)


  • Lifesteal for all weapons reduced to 80% (previously 100%)


source: YT Kog


  • Mark effect duration increased to 5 seconds (previously 4 seconds)


  • Fixed the effect of the Golden Staff where previously it could directly give 3 stacks for passives or marks from Guinevere
  • Now players can no longer take advantage of the passive from the Golden Staff and marks can only be obtained with Guinevere’s enhanced basic attack (enough to feel the nerf)

That’s the latest adjustment that is considered a nerf for the three OP heroes in the latest Mobile Legends patch. Which nerf are you disappointed with?

This adjustment will be immediately applied today, March 28, 2022 at 15.00 WIB.

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