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Tomyris Rise of Kingdoms: Best and Strongest RoK Talent

Talking about the Archer RoK commander, Tomyris is indeed one that is very rarely used. He was only effective in the mid-game between KvK Season 2 and 3 Rise of Kingdoms.

In addition, Tomyris is also more often used as a Secondary Commander. And entering the KvK Season of Conquest, his counter was already quite large so it was less effective.

tomyris rise of kingdoms wallpaper

But for those of you who like the collection of Archer commanders aka entering the Archer Gank player category, then you can refer to this Tomyris RoK guide.

Tips for Playing Tomyris Rise of Kingdoms

Tomyris is a legendary Archer commander who is rarely used in Rise of Kingdoms. His unique combat skills and mechanics make him a powerful commander, capable of defeating even the worst enemies.

The skill called “Arrow of Vengeance” is his active skill dealing low direct damage, however, he has a stack effect that causes damage doubled (x20) and increases more when more troops he attacks are in the vicinity. This was a skill that was unrivaled and unmatched by any other commander in Rise of Kingdoms.

Since he was a Conquering Commander or Conqueror, the accompanying skill “Payback” increased the attack of Tomyris and his troops when attacking the city and at the same time reduced the counterattack he received.

“For the Sun” a passive skill that benefits all Archers units under Tomyris’ command. “Massageae’s Counterattack” gives all regular attacks a 50% chance to hit a single target for 5 seconds.

Best Build Talent Tomyris RoK

If you want to use Tomyris for Rally, then the following talent tree build must be used.

Indonesia's best skirt tomyris talent

Reduces counter attack damage taken by 9%. Tomyris is one of the strongest commanders who reduces counterattack damave in Rise of Kingdoms, this is a very important talent to increase that powerful buff.

Tomyris is a great commander for the open field as well as for Rally. In this build, we focus on both combat modes, thanks to his unique skills of his kind in Rise of Kingdoms that are so powerful that they can defeat any enemy.

Tomyris’ attacks were terrifying due to the attack stack mechanism, in addition, as a great commander who specialized in leading Archer units, he continuously increased troop attacks with powerful buffs.

The advantages and disadvantages of Tomyris Rise of Kingdom

Legend Commander with specialization in Archer troop units (Archers), good for PvP.

Tomyris can be relied on for scuffles in the Open Field.

Active skill with okay damage.

One of the commanders with amazing nuker skills.

Tomyris RoK . Weaknesses and Weaknesses

× Tomyris does not have the Healing Factor to heal troops instantly during war.

× All of his skills and talents are very ineffective for PvE.

Combo Pair Commander Tomyris Strongest Pair

Duet Tomyris – Edward : Obviously, both are Commander Archer. Damage 1 direct target that is thrown by Edward of Woodstock will complete Tomyris’ active skill. See also: Talent Edward RoK.
Duet Tomyris – Artemisia : A great Archer commander with incredible AOE damage, he empowers every unit under his leadership and together with Tomyris they will make an exemplary archer pair. More details: Tips for Artemisia Rise of Kingdoms.
Duet Tomyris – Nebuchadnezzar : Commander Archer Conqueror, one of the best options if you want to attack any building structure, especially cities. Both can also be used for the open field, thanks to the versatility of talent, skill, and damage in Nebuchadnezzar’s AOE that can affect multiple enemies. More details: Tips Nebuchadnezzar RoK.

Duet Tomyris – Ramses II : One of the strongest Archer commanders due to his direct damage and high debuff application to his enemies. Both can be a 1v1 combo pairing that destroys the enemy.

How to Get Commander Tomyris RoK

For how to get Tomyris Rise of Kingdoms, you have to go through MGE at the beginning. His Greatest Governor Event usually appears between KvK Season 2 and 3.

But you can also get the Golden Statue of Tomyris through Card King in Rise of Kingdoms. Rely on Gems and luck for sure.