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Tired of Losing Playing Magic Chess? Try Using This Combo!

The Best Magic Chess Combo Make Auto Win

Magic Chess is now increasingly being played by ML-ers, the fun is not inferior to rank mode. The players are required to set the best possible strategy to survive with the remaining points.

Talking about strategy, there are many things that must be considered, such as calculations in buying heroes, refreshing heroes, saving coins, to forming synergy combos.

Well, if you like to play magic chess but often lose, it means that something is wrong with your strategy, maybe you are too eager to make a 2-star hero waste coins or it could be because your synergy combo is not optimal.

Therefore, in this article, BugisTekno will share information about good combos for you to use to push rank in magic chess, of course with this combo you can win easily.

The Best Combo Magic Chess Makes Auto Win

Before going into the discussion, we know that there are a lot of synergies in Magic Chess, if you are new to playing, of course you will be confused about making synergies, especially when you are in a dilemma when choosing between a 2-star hero or the synergy to be created.

My advice is to prioritize making synergies first, let it be beautiful in time, making a 2-star hero will be by itself as the game goes on, which obviously you have to take if the hero appears.

Of the many available combo synergies, the best combo that I mean is good for you to use is the Western Expanse, Elementalist, and Mage combo. This combo is very easy to make and the required heroes also have an associated synergy.

For example, like Lunox and Vale, we only need the two heroes, we can activate 2 synergies at once, namely Elementalis and Western Expanse.

However, to be able to dominate in the game, try to activate one of the synergies to the maximum, for example having 6 heroes in synergy with Western Expanse. Then it is supported by other synergies which do not matter if it is not full. Now this is what is called a good combo, if it has 1 main synergy and is supported by other synergies.

The following is a list of heroes that you must use to activate this combo:

  1. Vale
  2. Lunox
  3. Esmeralda
  4. Khufra
  5. Carmila
  6. Cecilion
  7. Aurora
  8. Minotaur

With just 8 heroes, you can make combos of 6 Western Expanses, 3 Mages, and 4 Elementalists. How come? Even though if you look at the 6 heroes, there are not enough to create Western synergy, as well as the elementalists.

Well, this is because Cecilion and Carmila’s synergy has the effect of adding 1 to each synergy. So, in the list of heroes above, we see only 5 Western synergy heroes, so with this combo from Cecil Carmila, the synergy will increase to 6, as well as the elementalists.

Besides being easy to make, the reason why I say this combo is the best, because we are also not required to make a three-star hero, just activating 4 elementalists has really helped increase 2 stars from our hero.

And also for late games, you can further strengthen your combos, for hero slots 9 and 10 you can add mage synergy so that you can activate 2 full synergies at once, of course, it will be really scary guys.

The Best Magic Chess Combos Make It Easy to Win

I think that by now you have understood what the best combo I mean is, according to the experience of this combo, it is very helpful to keep me going up the rankings. Hopefully with my explanation, you can understand and can change fate to enjoy victory.