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Tips to Get Skywing Feral Electrasaur & FF Animation at the same time at Moco Store!

Tips to Get Skywing Feral Electrasaur & FF Animation at the same time at Moco Store!

The presence of a spin event with cool prizes is indeed endless in Free Fire (FF). In recent times, Free Fire has been bringing in various events on a regular basis.

In fact, one of the upcoming events this time has been present for the third time only in the past month.

Yep, especially if it’s not the Moco Store which carries a lot of important skin items on Free Fire which are very cool and a shame to pass up.

An exclusive gift that has been confirmed to be present in the Moco Store in mid-April 2022 is a Skywing complete with Animation at once.

Want to know how to get Skywing Feral Electrasaur with FF Animation at once, let’s see in the following article!

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Skywing Feral Electrasaur & Animation FF

As we previously leaked, a new Skywing skin with cool animations is confirmed to be here starting today, April 18 on Free Fire.

Skywing Feral Electrasaur is a Skywing in the form of a Dragon robot that can take players to fly around the island before starting the match.

Meanwhile, Dragon Rider Arrival Animation Bundle is an animation that will appear together when the Skywing skin is used later.

Both are available at the Moco Store event starting today, April 18, 2022. You can get Skywing Feral Electrasaur and Dragon Rider Arrival Animation at the same time because they are on the main prize list.

Meanwhile, for bonus prizes, you can choose between them, such as Motor Bike Cobra and several emotes that are no less cool.

Of course there will be a series of other cool prizes that you can get in the spin event with the first spin price of 9 Diamonds.

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That’s the latest Moco Store FF event where players can get two cool prizes as the most coveted prizes! Don’t forget to visit SPIN Website for more information, and follow the account Instagram and Youtube we.