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Tips for Playing Solo Rank Mobile Legends, Auto Win Streak!

Tips for Playing Solo Rank Mobile Legends

Don’t have friends to push rank? Yep, in the mobile legends game, we are required to form a team with friends in order to win easily.

However, if you are the one who finds it difficult to get friends to push rank, of course the last option is to play solo. Indeed, playing solo is hard, matching cooperation with random players is certainly quite difficult, especially if there are players who are AFK.

But don’t worry, with the increasingly stringent penalties for AFK mobile legends players today, it’s rare for me to see this so solo players can start smiling.

Even so, you need to know some tips to be able to play solo correctly which I will discuss in this article. Come on, let’s see!

Tips for Playing Solo Rank Mobile Legends

In this review, there are several points that I will explain regarding tips for playing ranked solo and also including common player mistakes that ultimately lead to defeat.

1. Mastering Multiple Hero Roles

If you are a player who likes to play solo, then I would say you must master several hero roles. This is so that you can cover the lack of role heroes at the time of draft pick.

Completing the lack of hero roles on the team is one of the basic keys to victory. So, at least you are able to master two or three hero roles to be able to cover the team’s shortcomings.

2. Don’t be selfish in choosing a hero

At the time of draft pick heroes, one of the things I found a lot was the selfishness of players who wanted to pick whatever they wanted. In fact, the selection of heroes is also the most important thing to support victory.

So, don’t be selfish when you want to use a certain hero, try to prioritize your team who is more skilled at filling certain roles. Except if the hero role you want is still empty.

3. Don’t Chat Too Much

If you’ve often played solo, surely you’ll find players who talk a lot. This is what I mean, a lot of babbling just makes our team players mentally slack.

Therefore, if one of your team players blunders, don’t blaspheme, but provide support. Logically no player wants to lose, maybe that’s the limit of their ability, at least they tried.

4. Playing Night Time

For solo players, the best time to play is at night. Chances of getting good random players at night are greater.

Night time is when most pro players are active, which is why I suggest you play at night or at least in the afternoon. For bad times avoid playing early in the morning, as most troll players are active in the morning.

5. Expand Farming

If you hold a jungler or side lane hero role, then prioritize farming. Playing solo is very different when playing as a full team, the intensity of team war is not great when you play solo.

Therefore, multiplying the farm is the right action for solo players. When there is a war, don’t just enter, consider carefully because you don’t want to lose the fight. However, the conditions are different if your gold is far from the opponent.

Well, maybe those are some tips for playing solo rank mobile legends so you can win easily. May be useful.