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Tips for Playing Nana in Mobile Legends to Become the Strongest Mage Hero

Want to be good at playing Nana? The following are tips for playing Nana in Mobile Legends correctly so that she becomes the strongest hero mage among all.

It is recorded that there are now more than 20 mage-type heroes in Mobile Legends, all of which have terrible abilities and their own uniqueness.

Like Nana, this cute and funny mage hero also has her own uniqueness and is quite difficult to beat.

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Regarding this, so that Nana becomes the strongest mage hero in Mobile Legends among all other mage heroes, here are tips for playing the good and correct version of Nana SPIN Esports.

Play Safe

hero mage op mobile legends
Photo via ArtStation

The first tip is to play safe or play safe, don’t play Nana barbarically because Nana only relies on her 2 skills.

Without skill 2, the damage from skills 1, 3 and the basic attack is less reliable, so you should play it safe as much as possible. Attack from a good distance and use Nana’s combo skills.

Maximize Skill 2

Hero counter nana

Next is maximizing skill 2 very well, because skill 2 is the key to playing Nana. Skill 2 Nana can give a cc effect to all heroes in MLBB who are in the skill area and cannot be canceled by anyone.

So don’t just put skill 2 in random places, but in the right place when you are alone or during a team fight.

Those are some important tips for playing Nana in Mobile Legends, do the tips above if you want Nana to be the strongest hero mage.

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