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Tips for Overcoming Sweaty Hands Playing Mobile Legends

Tips for Overcoming Sweaty Hands Playing Mobile Legends

Playing mobile legends is certainly very annoying if your palms or fingers are sweaty. This makes it difficult for us to control properly, especially the heroes used need agility like Fanny, Hayabusa, Gusion or others.

Sometimes, when our hands sweat, we will be lazy to play because it will only inconvenience the team. But don’t worry, because BugisTekno has tips that can help solve this problem.

Tips for Overcoming Sweaty Hands Playing Mobile Legends

1. Hand Wash

Before playing mobile legends, it’s a good idea to wash your hands first, especially for friends who often sweat on their palms.

By washing your hands, it will make the temperature of the hands decrease so that sweat does not come out in large quantities. After washing your hands, wipe with a cloth to dry.

2. Sprinkle Powder on the Palms

Sprinkling powder on the palms is one of the tips that is quite effective in overcoming the problem of sweaty hands in playing games, especially mobile legends.

With the powder on the hands, it is able to absorb sweat so that the moisture of the hands is maintained. So, before starting to enter the match, try to sprinkle and rub powder all over your palms.

3. Use the Sticky Joystick

Currently, there are many special joysticks for mobile legends players. This joystick can be attached to any part of the phone screen by placing it precisely on the analog game control.

So, even though your hands are sweaty, you are still able to control the game well with the joystick on which you rely when you control the hero.

There are many outboard joysticks in electronics stores, and the prices are also affordable. That way, the problem of sweaty hands will not interfere with your playing performance anymore.

Well, those were some tips for friends whose fingers often sweat when playing mobile legends. Hopefully useful and good luck.