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Tips for Overcoming Lag When Playing Mobile Legends

Tips for Overcoming Lag in Mobile Legends

Often annoyed because of lag when push rank? Take it easy, here BugisTekno will share tips on how to overcome lag when playing Mobile Legends which of course is very powerful.

Yep, as we all know, that Mobile Legends is a game that requires us to have a stable network. Because in the game, we will connect with several players at once in real-time.

Therefore, we need to have a stable network connection in order to play smoothly. But what if it doesn’t meet your current condition?

So calm down, because there are several actions you can take to minimize the occurrence of lag. Therefore, let’s just go ahead and see the following review.

How to Overcome Lag When Playing Mobile Legends

1. Activate the Speed ​​Mode Feature

The first action you need to pay attention to is the in-game speed mode feature. Yep, so Mobile Legends already provides features to increase stability when playing.

So, you need to check first whether you have activated the speed mode feature in the game. Because that could be what causes you to experience lag while playing.

The way is to enter the icon menu Arrangement at the top right in Mobile Legends, then select Network Settingsthen on Speed ​​Mode click On. That way, the Mobile Legends system will help stabilize your network.

Activate Speed ​​Mode Mobile Legends

2. Set Lowest Graphic Settings

When you experience lag problems, one of the factors you need to pay attention to is the graphics settings. Yep, because the higher the graphics quality setting, the faster the network access you need should be.

Therefore, when you feel lag, you should lower the graphics quality of your game, in order to reduce the load so that network access can focus on processing game movements only.

Setting the Lowest Graphic Settings in Mobile Legends

3. Enable Network Boost

In addition to speed mode, in Mobile Legends there is a network enhancement feature. So, with this feature, you can use two networks at once while playing.

That is, if there is a WiFi network available, then you can also connect it simultaneously with your cellular network. So that the two networks can complement each other when one of the networks is unstable.

Through this feature there are tips that you can do. So, for example, when you are mabar with friends, but you both experience lag at the same time, then you can exchange networks with each other.

Well, for the method you need to activate the hotspot and WiFi respectively to connect to each other. According to experience, this is very helpful to avoid lag while playing.

Activate Mobile Legends Network Upgrade

4. Lock Network to 4G LTE

Furthermore, the problem that often causes lag when playing Mobile Legends is because the cellular network is always changing from 4G to 3G mode or vice versa.

For that, you need to lock your network. This I often encounter even my personal experience. Especially when in a location where the network is not stable.

So, to lock the 4G network you can use the 4G LTE Switch application which you can download on the Play Store. After that, set it in the application by changing the network mode to 4G Only.

Well, those were some tips on how to overcome lag when playing Mobile Legends which is very powerful based on my experiments and the results of my experience. Hopefully it’s useful, don’t forget to share this article with your friends so they also know how to solve lag problems when playing Mobile Legends. That is all and thank you.