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Tips for Caring for Android Batteries to Last & Last

Android Battery Care Tips

Most people now spend their time on the Android screen doing various activities, be it reading the news, watching videos, to playing games. However, excessive use of mobile phones is certainly not good.

Not only has an impact on you, but also on the phone itself. Components on mobile phones that are prone to decreased performance is the battery. Even more unfortunate if your Android phone is a non-removable battery (built-in battery), it’s obviously quite difficult to replace the battery and will cost a lot of money.

Therefore, before your cellphone experiences this, it’s a good idea to know some tips on how to take care of an Android cellphone battery to make it durable and long-lasting, which I will discuss below.

Tips for Caring for Android Phone Batteries to Be Durable and Long Lasting

1. Don’t Charger While Using Your Phone

Using a cellphone while it is on a charger (cas) is one of the causes of the Android battery being quickly damaged and lost. Because using Android while charging it will cause the battery current to become unstable, some power comes in and some is used.

For that, try not to charge while using an Android phone, and I suggest turning off your phone while it’s in the charger.

2. Use the Original and Original Charger

To take care of the Android battery, one of the things you should pay attention to is to keep the electric current received by the battery always appropriate. We know that each charger charges a different amount of power so if the charger is not suitable it can cause overcharging.

For that, try to use the original charger because it has been adjusted by the factory to charge the battery effectively. However, if you are forced to use a charger that is not original, pay attention to the receipt of the amount of power on the charger, at least the amount of ampere power is not much different from your original charger.

3. Pay Attention to Phone Temperature

At the beginning of the previous discussion, I mentioned the excessive use of cellphones. With excessive use it is clear that it will cause the temperature on your Android to increase. This is one of the reasons the battery is damaged quickly.

For that, if you already feel the temperature is getting hot when using an Android phone. It’s best to stop using it for a moment, until you feel the temperature has decreased before you use it again.

4. Don’t Let the Battery Run Out (LowBat)

Frequently letting the phone battery run out can cause the battery capacity to decrease and the battery life will be shorter.

Well, for that, if you see the battery icon is red or the remaining power is 20%, try to charge it immediately, never let the Android battery run out or run low.

5. Avoid Overcharging

Most Android users are also used to forgetting if they are charging an Android battery when the battery is actually full.

Well, this is one thing you need to pay attention to, because overcharging can cause the battery to swell (swell) thereby reducing the power capacity of the battery and worse, the battery will not be able to receive power anymore (damaged).

For that, when you charge your Android battery, try to pay attention to when it starts charging. My advice is to just charge it for two to three hours.

6. Turn off the cellphone routinely every day

Many people leave their Android phones on all day long even when they are sleeping. You need to know that letting it continue will cause the phone battery to wear out quickly.

Even though the phone is in standby, the battery will continue to be absorbed because the Android machine is still running. Not only in terms of the battery, even worse, your Android phone will be damaged quickly.

The logic is this, humans need time to rest, because if there is no rest, they will feel tired. It’s the same with machines (Android) which also need rest, so that the machine will not wear out and be damaged.

In conclusion, take care of your cellphone’s battery before its performance decreases, because if that happens it will clearly have an impact on yourself by replacing a new battery, it definitely requires a large budget.

Therefore prevent before treating, hopefully the tips above can help you in caring for Android batteries to keep them durable and long lasting. May be useful.