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Tips for Arms Training Rise of Kingdoms to Win the Event

As long as the Arms Training RoK event appears in my kingdom, I will share tips so you can get maximum points so that you get high rankings for more attractive rewards.

Arms Training or Troop Training, is an event that requires the governor in Rise of Kingdom to mobilize troops and defeat Lohar more than once as much as possible, without returning to town.

skirt arms training rise of kingdoms

Every 3 times Lohar is defeated, he will get stronger with a system that forces us to activate new skills. The more and often Lohar is defeated without sending troops back to the city, the higher the points obtained.

This means, if we summon Lohar but send the troops home with the intention of being refreshed so that they are full again, it will be considered a reset and the points will start from zero.

RoK Arms Training Event Schedule

Troops Training or Arms Training only appears during RoK Holiday Events, we usually call 7k gems and 5k Gems Events which are only present in all kingdoms once every 2-3 months along with other events.

So the schedule for the arrival of Arms Training at a KD is uncertain. In essence, the benchmark is a major event held during the holiday season.

Troop Training Rewards

The prizes are very tempting, for F2P, Low Spender or Sultan P2W. Your first rank is entitled to 2000 Gems, 20 Gold Statues (Universal Legendary Sculpture), 20 Hours of Speedup Building, 20 Hours of Speedup Training Troops, and 12 Hours of Enhanced Defense.

Ranks second to one hundred, obviously different prizes. Only the top 100 Governors will receive a ranking reward at the end of the event. So make sure you are at least in the top 100.

Rise of Kingdoms Arms Training Tips and Tricks

Please check the image in the second paragraph above to find out which sequence of Lohar skills must be activated.

Activate Expansion Troops 50% – This item will increase the amount of troop capacity that will be carried in one try. There are 25% and 50%, just adjust. My advice if it’s still T4 use the 50 percent one.

Take Runes – Added buffs, runes for war or war such as Troop Health/Defense/Attack. Find the highest.

Activate Booster – There are two booster items for war in Roak, Enhanced Defense and Attack. Choose one that is only 12 hours long.

Choose Troop Type – Use only one troop type against Lohar. Full Infantry, Archer or Cavalry. If the choice of commander is limited, choose the army with the strongest commander. For example, if you only have Alex RoK and Charles Martel expertise, then use Infantry.

Install Equipment – War equipment will be very helpful to defeat Lohar. Try to install all the best equipment/gear you have.

Borrow Title – There are several royal titles that can help you complete Arms Training events, such as Duke and Justice. Don’t be shy about borrowing titles, as long as there’s no war in KvK.

Use City Theme – City Skin RoK has its own buff. Please activate your CH skin to help defeat Lohar.

Finally, Arms Training Rise of Kingdoms will be easier to complete when your kingdom is in the Lost Kingdom or during KvK because you get more buffs.