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Tier List Latest MLBB Patch 1.6.66 Version EVOS Zeys, There's an Unexpected Hero!

Tier List Latest MLBB Patch 1.6.66 Version EVOS Zeys, There’s an Unexpected Hero!

The latest patch update certainly brings new changes to a game, Mobile Legends is no exception.

Although there are slight changes to buff and nerf heroes, of course you need to know so you don’t miss the meta. Because sometimes there are players who don’t really care so they don’t know the changes so they still pick heroes who are not good enough in the current meta.

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One of the trainers who is diligent in providing updates is Zeys where this time he has provided an update on the existing meta. Listen to it so it doesn’t suck.

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EVOS Trainer Version MLBB Tier List Update

Just like every previous update, EVOS trainer Bjorn ‘Zeys’ Ong always shares his version of the Mobile Legends hero tier list.

This time he shared his views on the tier list of Mobile Legends patch 1.6.50 which was recently updated.

EXP Lane

The top pick in the Exp lane according to EVOS Zeys are 10 heroes, namely Paquito, Dyrroth, Grock, Gloo, Yu Zhong, Phoveus, Valentina, Esmeralda, Chou, and Uranus.

Specially Esmeralda, she is in tier SSbecause this hero is really strong in the meta right now and is often an option.

In the latest patch there is the presence of the latest Explaner that is often used, namely Dyrroth and Grock. Both became popular thanks to the new patch, Grock with his passive change, while Dyrroth is here as a meta tank hero destroyer.

Gold Lane

Hero marksman mobile legends
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Top Pick in this position there are 8 heroes, namely Clint, Wanwan, Lunox, Brody, Karrie, Kimmy, Popol & Kupa and Beatrix.

For Goldlaner, currently in the SS tier, according to Zeys, there are four heroes, namely Clint, Beatrix, Wanwan and Brody.

Meanwhile, for the new names, Karrie and Kimmy took the place of Aldous and Lylia, who dropped one rank.

Both of them are suitable for counter meta tanks, Karrie with her passive, Kimmy with spray down which is difficult for melee heroes to approach like tanks.


New Hero Xavier ML
source: YT MLBB

For Top support/midlane in this patch there are only 6 heroes according to him. namely Yve, Kagura, Lylia, Valentina, Xavier and Cecilion

Tier SSS now has Valentina who is still very good despite some adjustments. Yve dropped one rank to SS instead of SSS.

One new name that appears is the new hero Xavier. This hero is easy to use and can spam damage and strong CC. Not to mention the Ultimate can be used globally to kill dying heroes who are running away.


Hero split push mobile legends
Photo via Wallpaper Cave

According to Zeys, the top pick or Tier S in the latest patch has 8 heroes, namely Selena, Mathilda, Valentina, Khufra, Angela, Grock, Masha and Hilda.

Masha is the most effective hero right now because she fills the SSS tier according to Zeys. His abilities had greatly improved thanks to the large buffs received by him.

Selena and Mathilda still occupy the SS tier. Both are still mainstays. Of course there is Angela who is back on the patch now, along with hard tanks like Grock and Hilda which also have damage.


Fanny mobile legends
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In this latest patch, according to Zeys, there are 7 Top junglers in Mobile Legends, namely: Fanny, Ling, Baxia, Paquito, Lancelot, Aulus, and Karina.

Indeed, Fanny’s hero is becoming the prima donna this season as a jungler, she is unstoppable thanks to the last buff that makes her energy no longer wasteful. Even though it still needs a blue buff. He is an SSS tier hero according to Zeys.

Furthermore, there are three names for the latest tier SS patch, namely Ling, Baxia and Karina. The three are indeed the top picks. And of course, don’t forget Aulus who is on the rise with strong performance in the late game.

Hayabusa had to go down with YSS because his performance was not good enough in the new patch.

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