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Tier 6 Rise of Kingdoms: Will T6 RoK Realize?

As of this writing, the highest troop type in Rise of Kingdoms is Tier 5 or T5. Now there are rumors of a T6 unit that will be released next year.

But when exactly, it is still unknown. This clearly raises pros and cons among the RoK governors. It’s natural, considering that it takes more than a year to get to T5 normally if you don’t top up without being in the main alliance, you don’t get a Golden Chest from the sultan.

t6 skirt tier 6 rise of kingdoms

That is the reason why players are advised to actively play or grind, and join super-active alliances so that they can experience many benefits. Includes speedups and other free items.

So where did this Tier 6 RoK issue come from? Will it be realized in the future? Let’s look at the reasons why this would happen and why it is impossible.

Tier 6 Rise of Kingdoms T6 RoK Kehadiran Presence

So it all started with the RoK Group Facebook group. Because this post is a sultan player in the empire empire and his reputation is well known everywhere, so many are taking it seriously.

He said Tier 6 RoK will appear next year along with major updates such as: new KvK format, City Hall Level increased from a maximum of 25 to 30, the alliance recruitment system overhauled.

There are other feature updates such as: a new Epic Commander every 3 months, the concept of an updated MGE RoK event, until a 2-week event type is added such as an event Ark of Osiris Rise of Kingdom.

Unfortunately the poster did not explain the details of the source from which he got the information. However, looking at the track records of many Rise of Kingdoms content creators on YouTube who do have the privilege of Lilith as a developer, to try the features and get new info early.

Tier 6 RoK Almost Impossible

The reason why the T6 Rise of Kingdoms troop type will almost never appear is due to various factors. Lilith definitely won’t be careless in adding and increasing the game’s difficulty level.

During session “Face to Face with Developer” nor does there appear to be any serious indications for Lilith to launch T6 Rise of Kingdoms in the near future.

They also said that adding a CH level to 30 was not a priority and was not in the team’s plans. So that the speculation that circulated again denied.

Lilith was more focused on fixing a number of Rise of Kingdoms PC problem which makes players uncomfortable. Approaching the release of the RoK PC version some time in the future.
Even if there are Tier 6 Rise of Kingdoms troops, the gap between F2P, Low Spender and Big P2W Players will increase. The T6 RoK is like Crystal Tech in the regular Season of Conquest KvK SoC.