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Three Reasons Why You Should Gacha Re-Run Ayaka Genshin Impact!

Three Reasons Why You Should Gacha Re-Run Ayaka Genshin Impact!

Ayaka will get a re-run in a few days. In addition to the presence of other new characters later in 2.7 which is rumored to be presenting Yelan and Kuki Shinobu, 2.6 of course will still be present and provide excitement with various events that will be presented with Genshin Impact.

For those of you who are still confused about which gacha, especially Ayaka who will be here in a few days to replace Ayato and Venti’s banners. Here are some reasons why you must gacha re-run Ayaka.

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Play DPS Cryo Powerful

Ayaka Genshin Impact Banne
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One major point is Cryo’s strong DPS Main. For now, Ayaka is one of the strongest DPS players besides Ganyu.

It’s not too difficult to use, even though you have to play neatly with the freeze comp.

The damage is quite large without the need for a lot of buffs because it has access to Blizzard Strayer artifacts where 4 sets have an additional high Crit Rate so they can focus on getting other stats, namely Crit DMG.

Popular in Spiral Abyss

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Although it is not something that must be done by some players, Spiral Abyss is a mode that can be played and maximizes your team.

You can test your team whether they can finish off the existing enemies.

Ayaka has become one of the popular characters as Main DPS for Spiral Abyss lately, and you can even say one of the most popular since its presence in version 2.0.

Team Not Hard To Get

Stand By Me Event Tips
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Freeze team is not difficult to get, you can use Xingqiu which you can get for free now through event 2.6.

Besides that, there is Diona or Rosaria as Cryo support which is certainly not too difficult to play, and one slot can be used for Anemo characters such as Sucrose, Venti or Kazuha.

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