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This Team is Crowned as King of Sanhok PMPL ID Season 5

Did you know that this team was crowned the King of Sanhok in PMPL ID Season 5, who are they and what are their stats in Sanhok?

Towards the start of the PMPL ID Season 5 Grand Final, or you could say PMPL ID Spring 2022, a unique fact emerged.

This unique fact is a nickname for a team because it has mastered a map during the PMPL ID S5 league round yesterday.

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This time the nickname given was “King Sanhok” with the Bigetron RA team who won the nickname.

Bigetron – King of Sanhok

Bigetron RA managed to get this nickname after achieving the highest total kill elimination from other teams with a record of 64 kill eliminations.

Of course, it is a matter of pride for Bigetron RA and also a warning for other teams when playing in Sanhok.

Keep in mind that the Sanhok map itself is the opening map in every daily match in the PMPL ID Season 5 league round yesterday.

Where the performance of Bigetron Red Aliens is indeed very amazing while playing on the tropical map.

Bigetron RA Transfer Exchange
source: YT Bigetron

That’s the team that won the title “King of Sanhok” at PMPL ID Spring 2022. Can they win the real title, namely as PMPL ID S5 champions?

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