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This Series of Ways Can Quickly Raise Your Level in Free Fire (FF)!

This Series of Ways Can Quickly Raise Your Level in Free Fire (FF)!

As one of the games with the battle royale genre, Free Fire (FF) offers gameplay that is no less interesting and can provide comfort for the players.

Each player can follow any playing mode and feel a different sensation in each mode offered.

It’s just that players first reach a certain level in order to get some features like Free Fire players in general.

One of them is that players below level 8 cannot play in ranked mode. In addition, Free Fire recently also presented events that required players to guide other accounts to reach a certain level.

Well, that’s why we share a quick way to level up an account on Free Fire (FF) in the following article!

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How to Quickly Raise Free Fire (FF) Level

How to Level Up Fast

There are many ways that players can do to quickly reach a certain level. The reason is, Free Fire itself provides various features that can be used to make it happen in the following ways:

Connect your new account first with Facebook, Twitter and so on, so you can get the opportunity to open ranked mode at level 8.

Because in the ranked mode players can get more Exp points after undergoing a match.

Experience or what we usually call Exp is the points you achieve in each level. If the player reaches the specified Exp points at a certain level, then their account will increase to the next level.

  • Use Exp PenambahanAdd Cards

Free Fire itself has given players an item that can be used to increase experience quickly. 50% and 100% Exp increase cards are the most powerful way that you can use and combine with ranked play.

Playing Rank battle royale is another way that you can use if you don’t have an Exp card. You can also play ranked in the Peak Day Event period because there is a 100% Buff that you can take advantage of.

Or you can also follow the tips from YouTube MazMazing below:

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Those are a series of ways that players can do to increase Exp quickly in Free Fire. Don’t forget to visit SPIN Website for more information, and follow the account Instagram and Youtube we.