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This Row of Mobile Legends Heroes Returns to MPL ID S9 After New Patch!

This Row of Mobile Legends Heroes Returns to MPL ID S9 After New Patch!

Several heroes are seen being re-picked in MPL ID Season 9 after getting buffs or adjustments in the new patch.

This new patch is different because many heroes get big buffs that change their performance. So that the players in MPL ID have dared to bring it to be played in this Mobile Legends highest caste tournament.

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Who are these heroes, huh? (Some heroes that are buffed but are already present like Johnson are not included).


Hero split push mobile legends
Photo via Wallpaper Cave

First, there is Masha, who after the patch became a crazy hero. Thick HP and sick damage make it a deadly roamer.

Even VYN made a surprise by bringing Retribution against Geek Fam. And at that time he succeeded in stealing the opposing team’s jungle.


rock mobile legends

Grocksin is real. Grock Assassin is now realized through a new patch. The new patch makes Grock thick Physical defense with Physical Attack items.

And used as a deadly explaner by Fluffy and also R7. It is proven that both of them succeeded in bringing victory when using Grocksin.

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Skin Legend Guinevere

Butsss is back playing with an unexpected hero, Guinevere. After being buffed, Guinevere doesn’t really rely on combo skill 2 Ultimate because he has a mark. And now Ultimate will give a knock-up when the mark is three.


mobile legends free skins

Atlas was used by God1va to ruffle RRQ in the first game of their meeting in week 6. And since then the Atlas has been the target of the tires.

No wonder the new passive Atlas makes it easier to do Fatal Link because the opponent will be exposed to Freeze like when exposed to the Aurora skill.


Hilda mobile legends

Rekt’s Hilda geprek kills Celiboy and even gets an expensive solo kill. Hilda returned to MPL after her passive change, now it’s not kill and assist but through her basic attacks and skills. With a reduction of 6 stacks Hilda is getting crazy to be a roamer in the new patch and can do her deadly Ultimate.

Will there be other heroes who will be picked again in MPL ID Season 9? We’ll just have to wait, Spinners.

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