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This Row of Heroes Effectively Counters META Tanks, Makes Them Auto Brown!

This Row of Heroes Effectively Counters META Tanks, Makes Them Auto Brown!

After the latest patch update, META Tank is currently a META that is often used in Mobile Legends because it is considered too strong.

The reason is, the tanks that are often used as junglers are now starting to have quite deadly damage as well as very high durability so that heroes are needed who are able to ward off the META.

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Therefore, here is a very effective line of heroes to counter the current META Tanks in Mobile Legends.

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ML Mobile Legends Redeem Code January 5, 2021
Source: UHDWallpaper

It is undeniable that Karrie is the best tank destroyer hero currently available in Mobile Legends with her true damage that matches the enemy’s HP, so the thicker the opponent’s HP, the more damage the damage will be.

As an MM, Karrie also has a very high DPS so that it is certain that she will be able to conquer the opposing tankers in just seconds.


Hero counter dyrroth

Dyrroth is the next hero who is quite effective in destroying the opponent’s tank because his 2nd skill is able to reduce up to 50% of the opponent’s physical defense.

By using his ultimate, he is also able to inflict enormous damage so it is certain that every opponent who is hit by the hero combo will disappear from the Land of Dawn.


Karina Mobile Legends

Despite her status as an Assassin hero, Karina is often used by using a build tank because she already has very deadly damage.

In fact, the hero has true damage which will increase the damage from the hero along with the lost HP of the opponent so that Karina is very effective in overcoming META Tanks.


Lunox Mobile Legends (ML)

It is common knowledge that Lunox is the best tank destroyer mage hero in Mobile Legends,

The reason is, he has a passive that is able to change the CD into Magic Penetration which will counteract the enemy hero’s magical defense.

In addition, the damage generated from his 1st skill will adjust to the opponent’s HP level so that the thicker the opponent, the more painful the damage he produces.

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