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This Mobile Legends Hero Mage Gets a Secret Buff?

Is there a Mobile Legends hero mage who can get a secret buff from Moonton? Which hero is so strong, who is he?

Moonton has implemented a fairly large update to Mobile Legends a few days ago, this update is a monthly update that Moonton brings to their favorite game.

Interestingly, in yesterday’s update there seemed to be some heroes who got secret buffs or were not written on the patch but they were buffed, but this is just the opinion of MLBB players.

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Like this one Mobile Legends mage hero who seems to get a secret buff that makes him really strong?


ML Hero Wastes Mana
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That hero is Kadita, this hero inspired by the Legend in Indonesia seems to have gotten a secret buff from Moonton.

The secret buff is the knock up effect of Kadita using her 2nd skill to be longer. Yep, when the opponent is hit by the knock-up effect of Kadita they are like flying in the air for so long.

It takes a very long time to go back down so it’s easy to be killed by Kadita or the others.

But remember, this is just public consumption who said Kadita seemed to have received an additional buff when viewed from the knock-up effect of her 2nd skill.

They didn’t just talk because they had previously compared how long Kadita’s knock-up effect had been before.

Then was Kadita really given a secret buff? You can directly compare it right now.

But according to the leak it’s not Kadita who gets the secret buff, but the adjusted airborne or knock-up effect, so when the enemy soars into the air, the fall is slower.

Let’s just wait for additional announcements from Moonton regarding this.

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