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This Mobile Legends Hero Has Small Damage But Becomes a Ban Subscription

You have to know that there is one Mobile Legends hero who has small damage but interestingly he became a ban subscription by the players, who is he?

The more than 100 heroes in the Mobile Legends game all have their own unique abilities. And from all of that there is one hero that according to SPIN is very unique.

The hero can be said to have no major damage, aka very small damage, but strangely enough, it is often banned by players, especially for those who are at the epic rank and below.

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Who is this hero and why does he subscribe to a ban even though the damage is small? Don’t the heroes who are usually banned have serious damage?

Estes – The Healing

estes mobile legends

That hero is Estes, the only Mobile Legends hero who can provide healing or very heavy blood to all his teammates.

And because of this ability the players are reluctant to meet this hero, how can you not? We, who are tired of making players dying, have Estes filled with blood again.

Therefore, instead of fighting Estes, the majority of players would choose to just ban him. In fact, apart from healing abilities, Estes doesn’t have any other great abilities.

Estes mobile legends

His damage is very small, his mobility is slow and other weaknesses. But still Estes is banned by players because of his healing.

That’s the Mobile Legends hero who has small damage but is a ban subscription by the players.

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