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This Mobile Legends Hero Assassin is Very Deadly, But

You must know that this Assassin Mobile Legends hero is very deadly, but unfortunately there is one problem he has.

There are more than 10 assassin-type heroes in Mobile Legends, all of which have different abilities.

Regarding that, there is one assassin hero with the most terrible abilities among all other assassin heroes.

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However, even though it is very deadly, the fact is that this Mobile Legends hero assassin has a big weakness that makes him unable to compete in the current meta.

Saber – Veteran Assassin

Hero counter marksman Mobile legends
Photo via Pinterest

The hero we are talking about is Saber, the hero with the ultimate ability that the other core heroes fear the most because it is very effective in killing his opponents.

But even so, the fact is that Saber is one of the heroes that is starting to be forgotten in the current Mobile Legends meta behind his very OP abilities.

hero counter saber mlbb
Source: UHDWallpaper

The reason is because Saber only has one skill which is very terrible, namely skill 3, without skill 3 Saber is just an ordinary assassin hero who is easy to beat.

You could say Saber is a hero who really depends on his ultimate skill and that’s the reason why he’s less popular in the current MLBB meta.

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