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This Jungler OP Hero in Mobile Legends cannot be disturbed when taking buffs

Do you like being annoyed with your opponent who messes with the buff? Don’t worry, the best solution is to pick this jungler OP Mobile Legends hero.

Where he is a jungler hero who when buffing can’t be rioted at all, even by Franco who has the skill to draw objects.

Of course, this special ability is a distinct advantage for this jungler hero, his name should be your consideration when playing Mobile Legends.

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Then who is the hero and why can’t he riot when he buffs at all? Check out the full review below.

Hanzo – Dark Ninja

Hero Assassin op mobile legends
Photo via Twitter AwesomeFeelsMan

The hero we are talking about is Hanzo, the mortal enemy of Hayabusa. Hanzo has a skill that allows him to buff very quickly and effectively.

Even with his skills, Hanzo is called the hero with the fastest farming ability of all Mobile Legends heroes.

The skill that makes him able to buff fast is skill 1, where the skill can swallow the buff whole and then be consumed underground and the buff effect will be present for Hanzo.

Hanzo mobile legends

It only takes 5 stacks to activate this skill plus the cooldown of skill 1 is very short. So Hanzo is a jungler hero who can’t be disturbed at all when he buffs.

In fact, Hanzo can turn your back on your buff with this 1st skill. He is the best when it comes to farming.

That’s the jungler hero OP Mobile Legends who can’t be rioted while being buffed, tanker bars must know this so they don’t blunder in the early game.

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