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This is the Strong Offlaner Hero By1 With Masha Mobile Legends

Masha mobile legends
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After being buffed, Masha is really terrible, but calm down, following the strong Offlaner hero by1 with Masha Mobile Legends.

After Moonton applied the latest patch at the end of March 2022, Masha suddenly immediately dominated the game meta. The buff received was really huge.

This hero seems to have risen from adversity, even immediately became the top ban and pick of players when ranked in Mobile Legends.

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Regarding that, you really don’t need to be too afraid to fight Masha, especially for you Offlaners. You can use this powerful Offlaner hero by1 with Masha.


M2 Unique Meta Hero
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The hero we highly recommend is Baxia, this hero is indeed a tank hero but make no mistake. Baxia can be played as an offlaner and is quite effective or reliable in that position.

Fighting Masha in one lane with her? Don’t be afraid, Baxia is the solution. He can reduce the regeneration ability of Masha who now has less regen energy.

So it will be difficult for Masha to get additional lives and easily killed by Baxia. Not to mention that Baxia’s 2nd skill gets a little extra buff that makes it even more OP.

M2 Unique Meta Hero
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It is guaranteed that Masha will find it difficult to fight Baxia in one lane with her, so you don’t need to ban this hero again.

That’s a strong Mobile Legends offlaner hero by1 or one on one with Masha.

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